Step 1 - Get Redis

Hydra requires the use of a Redis server. If you've never used Redis before we think it will be a life changing dev experience and hopefully this is a good reason to finally try it!

If you're already using Redis then congratulations you've already leveled up, feel free to skip to step 2!

There are lots of ways to obtain access to a Redis server. One of the easiest ways is to sign up for a free tier via a provider such as RedisLabs.

If you're comfortable with Docker you can install the official Redis image in just minutes. This is also a really nice option for PC users.

On a mac you can install Redis via Homebrew using one easy command:brew install redis. But if you rather not install Homebrew then you can install Redis this way.

For PC users not using Docker, Microsoft maintains this project.

And if you don't mind building Redis from source checkout the Redis Quick Start Guide.

But the easiest way is the first option, which doesn't require an install - just sign up with a free tier cloud provider.

You can learn more about the options above by watching this 15 minute video:

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