Getting started

To get started you’ll need to install hydra-cli:

$ sudo npm install -g hydra-cli

You can view all of hydra-cli’s option by just typing the program name in your terminal.

$ hydra-cli
hydra-cli version 0.5.7
Usage: hydra-cli command [parameters]
See docs at:

A command line interface for Hydra services

  help                         - this help list
  cfg pull label               - download configuration file
  cfg push label filename      - update configuration file
  cfg list serviceName         - display a list of config versions
  config instanceName          - configure connection to redis
  config list                  - display current configuration
  use instanceName             - name of redis instance to use
  health [serviceName]         - display service health
  healthlog serviceName        - display service health log
  message create               - create a message object
  message send message.json    - send a message
  nodes [serviceName]          - display service instance nodes
  refresh node list            - refresh list of nodes
  rest path [payload.json]     - make an HTTP RESTful call to a service
  routes [serviceName]         - display service API routes
  services [serviceName]       - display list of services
  shell                        - display command to open redis shell

As you can see there’s a lot you can do with hydra-cli.

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