Hydra is a NodeJS package, which facilitates building distributed applications such as Microservices. Hydra does this by leveraging the awesome power of Redis.

Hydra project was open sourced at the EmpireNode 2016 conference in New York City.

The project was named after Hydra, a mythical multi-headed beast from Greek and Roman mythology. Each head capable of acting independently while achieving an objective.

This site is living document (read: work-in-progress!) intended to be a central source of information for Hydra and related open source projects. If you find a problem here or have feedback, please let us know by opening a github issue.

If you'd like to contribute - message @HydraNPM on twitter or send an email to [email protected] or just follow us on twitter.

This site is being created and maintained on GitBooks, an online collaborative publishing service. You can download a PDF or e-book version of this site using the button below.

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