Hydra Generator

The Hydra Generator is a command line tool that allows you to quickly build the complete scaffolding for a Hydra or Hydra-Express application. The generator relies on a tool called Yeoman.

The great thing about the generator is that you can build a microservice in just under 15 seconds. You can then proceed to customize the generated code to suit your particular needs.

Getting started

First install Yeoman and the generator globally.

$ sudo npm install -g yo generator-fwsp-hydra

To use the generator you simply invoke yeoman with the name of the generator. In our case the hydra-generator is named fwsp-hydra. The first prompt you get asks you to name your service.

$ yo fwsp-hydra
? Name of the service (`-service` will be appended automatically) hello

After a number of other questions (for which you can select default) the process ends with instructions on how to build and start your new project.

'cd example-service' then 'npm install' and 'npm start'

Keep in mind that Hydra services require the use of a Redis instance. So before you can run your app you need to have redis available. By default the Hydra Generator will create a config file which expects a local instance of Redis.

  "environment": "development",
  "hydra": {
    "serviceName": "hello-service",
    "serviceIP": "",
    "servicePort": 5000,
    "serviceType": "hello",
    "serviceDescription": "says hello",
    "redis": {
      "url": "redis://"

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