Related Projects

There are many projects on NPM which contain the namehydra. The following are official projects related to the Hydra - microservice library.

  • Hydra: hydra core project for use with Non-ExpressJS apps

  • Hydra-Express: hydra for ExpressJS developers

  • Hydra-Integration: Integrating third-party Node.js web frameworks with Hydra

  • Hydra-cli: a hydra command-line client for interacting with Hydra-enabled applications

  • Hydra Generator: A Yeoman generator for quickly building hydra-based projects

  • Hydra-Router: A service-aware socket and HTTP API router

  • Hydra-Router Message Client: a command line client for testing Websocket and messaging via Hydra-Router

  • Hydra-plugin-rpc: Create and consume remote procedure calls in hydra with ease

  • Hydra-Cluster: A compute cluster based on Hydra

  • UMF: Universal Message Format, a messaging specification for routable messages

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